Dir: Michael Moore(2015)

The ever pushy, but increasingly likeable, libertarian shit stirrer turns in his most optimistic and  thoughtful film in a long time; A laser sighted travelogue which takes its road-trip as an opportunity to take down and pilfer the best ideas from nations around the world with a view to shame America. Right now it seems like an idea that most people can get on board with and Where To Invade Next does a rather good job of spinning the USA to the shocking fore without even being there.

School dinners in France, the education system in Finland, the prison system in Norway and workers rights in Italy are but some of the issues that Moore looks at in this brisk and fascinating nation-hopping journey. His ham-fistedness is somewhat confirmed with a strange US flag planting ritual after every fantastic idea in each country but it can’t be argued that the blind and ignorant bravado of the world superpower is well represented in his embarrassing act. This is certainly serious stuff for the states (despite being Moore’s funniest film) but is it shows a far more hopeful, playful and sweet side to the documentary giant.