Dir: Eli Roth(2015)

Horror whiz-kid Eli Roth might have dropped the ball more than a few times after a pretty dazzling debut. The Green Inferno expands (somewhat) on his anti tourism angle this time attacking the anti corporate, Tinder swiping, hunger striking, slacker environmentalists with very little chutzpah. Inspired by the notorious Cannibal Holocaust the splatter laden director glosses the screen with cut off shorts and perfect jawlines loosing any grit and neutering the very thing which made Ruggero Deodato‘s shocker so compelling.

When a particularly macho Ariel Levy and his young crew of logging stoppers crash lands in the Amazon the lead up has been far too twee and tedious to hint at a horror tree laden with any worthy fruit. The group are obviously captured by the very tribe they are trying to protect; Savage painted cannibals who have managed to steer well clear of the environmentalist handbook and couldnt give two shits about irony.

Lorenza Izzo does well as the final girl and Roth handles the blood and tension with the gleeful punk-ish “up yours” with which he has become synonymous. Shame then that there is little beyond the screaming and the vomit of a few set pieces to spark any kind of real inferno. Green or otherwise.