Dir: Joel Edgerton, (2015)

The Australian actor/writer/director Joel Edgerton goes for the triple threat in this smarter and tighter than you might think psycho thriller which harks back to many schlocky 1990s star vehicles with a joyfully cold and keen eye. Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall are new in town; They move straight into their roomy, rather open modernist house in the Hollywood hills and immediately run into old school friend, Gordo (Edgerton in an incredibly creepy turn). Gordo’s eagerness to re-friend the couple pushes The Gift into pretty skin crawling territory with all three primaries on excellent form.

It’s a little predictable in the final third when unlocked draws and easily hacked email accounts make way for a few too many over propulsive and over explained moments but Edgerton handles the off kilter creep with real flare and the tasteful cinematography from Ed Grau is both cold and complex and Hall and Bateman’s relationship feels lived in and rather real. This gift wont blow your mind but it might just surprise you enough to make it special.