Dir: Andrew Bujalski (2015)

Mumblecore doyen Andrew Bujalski drops the low budget look and goes for a well known cast with Results; A sly look at the self improvement cult in which the lives of a ripped but lonely gym owner (Guy Pierce) and his on/off fitness freak girlfriend (a brilliant Cobie Smulders) are challenged when a recent inheritance multimillionaire crashes their pity party. Kevin Corrigan gives a great laconic performance as the laid back stoner slob getting to grips with a ton of new guitars, televisions and his surprise fortune while Bujalski searches for meaning in personal wealth through Pierce and Smulders.

Though not as cutting or as funny as some the directors earlier work, Results really rounds out it’s characters using the fierce Smulders and her basic in-acceptance of where her life has taken her to great effect, especially in a beautiful final moment. There’s also some ace support from a balding Giovani Ribisi as Corrigan’s drunken hipster lawyer. The lighter tone here might put some die hard fans of the cult director off but this is an incredibly strong romantic comedy from left field; Off kilter, sweet and precise. It may not put you through the full work out but you’ll certainly feel the benefit afterward.