Dir: Jon Knautz & Trevor Matthews (2015)

When a young student moves into a house which streams the inhabitants every sexual move for money to a ravenous online audie  nce she’s soon faced with a murderous demented super fan and a high school admirer who may just save the day. This is a girls and gore exploitation slasher flick with a delusional social grandeur which opens with a dire warning about the perils of online pornography from none other than serial killer Ted Bundy; Though Girl House is essentially a fun shocker film it hints at smarts without ever scratching the surface of our obsessive, voyeuristic world.

Jon Knautz and Trevor Matthews take the Sleep Away Camp and Sorority House films of the early 80s and drum up some unashamed love for the big tits and buckets of blood films which turned most of the horror of the decade into an unwatchable mess. Some how though they almost start to pull it off. When the inevitable happens Knautz and Matthews do well technically with some great practical special effects as the pretty ladies are all “taken care of”.

Ali Cobrin (playing the newcomer in a house full of flirtatious women) is as strong as she can be; Playing Kylie as a smart, unashamed woman who is tempted to use her body as a means to an end. Adam DiMarco is the typical nice guy, finishing last, attempting to woo Kylie but It’s the film’s maniac fan, known only as Loverboy (Slaine Jenkins) who is painted as the saddest of all; A sexually frustrated, mannequin collecting, basement dwelling, humiliated, overweight creep. It’s hard to know where the tongue sits in the cheek with this one as it veers between shlock fun and ultra violence, between stereotyped women and emasculated boys. A comedy horror, perhaps, in which a dumb joke turned a little too dark for its own good.