Dir: Larry Clark (2012)

The controversial director/photographer Larry Clark completely bottoms out with this lazy, retrodden near pastiche of all of his previous work centralised on a 16-year-old skater boy named Adam in the small Texan border town of Marfa. The Marfa Girl in question is a blow through artist (played by the unknown Drake Burnett) who seems intent on blowing through all of the towns inhabitants also as Clark makes young Adam (an also unknown Adam Mediano) the object of everyone’s sleazy desires. He also throws in a total waste of a sub plot in a vicious and thickly written border guard played by Jeremy St. James who is ear marked for a climactic role from the very second you see him. It’s Clark’s worst film by a long shot and he’s already shot a sequel.

The sparkling moments that actually work (which are few and far between) include Adam’s mother’s story to a hippy new age neighbour about frozen parrot and Adam and the unnamed Marfa Girl discussing her sexual prowess and the double standards in the world. In true “titilating” Clark fashion however that latter scene takes place with Burnett on the toilet while Mediano takes a bath. It’s, of course, punctuated by teen on teen flesh and lingering shots of young boys and girls bodies that one wonders more about the man behind the lens than the provocation in front of it.

It’s really become difficult to understand how Clark could have so shoddily repaired the mould he broke with Kids way back in 1995 with the wonderful Harmony Korine. The film has been shelved for three years and has now been released on Clarks own website; It’s been seven years since his lacklustre Wassup Rockers hit and at this point Bully (his best film) seems eons ago. Burnett and Mediano have little chemistry and the “acting” or Clarks reliance of raw and innocent performance from non actors, has become so thin and monotonous that the whole of Marfa Girl (including the more violent and shocking moments) falls as flat as a wet fish; Boring, bland and pretentious in its controversy, disgusting in its “revelations” and limp in any message that may lie in its dark soul.